Math 491 Senior Project Home Page
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As a warmup I suggest you try the Mathematics History archive at Index of Biographies and read about your favourite mathematicians.

Procedure to Start
You should first choose a subject and a supervisor to work with. Then consult me to finalize this assignment. Note that assigning supervisors is neither automatic nor easy. Generally first-come-first-serve is the most commonly utilized system!

This year's student-instructor pairing is realized by mutual consent of the students and the instructors involved. The projects for this term are as follows.

AKSEN Yasemin, On Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, (Sertöz)
AYAR Musa, Strategy-Proofnness in Game Theory, (Kerimov)
CANSIZOGLU Serap, Schubert Calculus, (Sertöz)
CAKIRER Kerem, Approximation Properties of Spline Functions, (Goncharov)
DURCEYLAN Esra, Fixed Point Theory, (Kerimov)
EROGLU Kemal Ilgar, An Application of Hardy Classes to Riemann's Zeta Function, (Ostrovski)
KESIR Mustafa, Discrete Metaplactic Representations, (Barker)
NAMLI Suat, Problems in Number Theory, (Yildirim)
PALTA Hasan, Construction of Transcendental Numbers and Related Problems, (Kerimov)
SELVI Kemal, n-point Compactifications, (Degtyarev)
YILDIRIM Deniz, Ergodic Theory, (Keriomov)
YILDIZ Bahattin, Algebraic Aspects of Coding Theory, (Stepanov)
YILMAZ Bulent, Theorems of Muntz's Type, (Goncharov)