Math 491 Senior Projects
Fall 2002

First you choose a faculty member to work with. Then with him/her you choose a project to work and set a title. And finally you let me know the name of your supervisor and the title.The deadline for informing me of your arrangements is 7 October 2002 Monday. You set your schedule of work with your supervisor, but it is recommended that you meet with your supervisor once a week to report on your progress. At the end of the term you write a report in LaTeX and after your supervisor's approval you give one copy to me. Finally you give a 20 minute seminar in the department about your project and answer questions from the audience. Your letter grade will be reported to me by your supervisor and I will officially send this grade to the registrar's office.

Presentation Times:
The presentations will take place, as announced by the Department, on 16 January 2003 Thursday starting at 9:00.
All talks will be at the seminar room SA-141.
The first 20 minutes of the talk is for your presentation. The next 10 minutes is for questions and comments.
The times for your talk are given in the rightmost column of the table below. If you plan to switch times with a friend please remember that you should also receive approval from the supervisors involved.

Contact Information:
Ali Sinan Sertöz

Office: Faculty of Science SA-121
Phone: 2901490


StudentNo Lastname Name Supervisor Title of Project Time
97004110 BUYRUK DİLEK Laurence Barker Transfinite Rank of Torsion-Free Modules of a Principal Ideal domain 9:00
98032870 DANIŞMAN YUSUF Huishi Li Characterization of the Prime Ideals and Maximal Ideals in Z[x] and K[x,y] 9:30
99027040 DEMİRCİ  ABDULLAH  Metin Gürses Willmore Surfaces 10:00
98024560 GÜRSEL İPEK Azer Kerimov Ergodic Theory 10:30
20051650 HÜSEYİNOV  TURAL Alexander Degtyarev Algebraic Topology 11:00
99028900 KALAYCI  SERHAN Alexander Klyachko Inverse Galois Theory 11:30
98033720 KARABİNA KORAY Alexander Klyachko Supersingular Elliptic Curves and Modular Curves 14:00
99043460 KOCA CANER Ali Sinan Sertöz Topology of Algebraic Varieties 14:30
98032700 ÖZAL SIDIKA ZEYNEP Azer Kerimov Weak Convergence of Probability Measures and Related Topics 15:00
99039500 PEKCAN ASLI Metin Gürses Hirota's Bilinear Method 15:30
97003990 TEMİZKAN YASİN Alexander Goncharov Analytic and Subanalytic Sets 16:00