Math 634
Algebraic Geometry II
Fall 2004

Instructor: Ali Sinan Sertöz, Department of Mathematics
Room: SA-121, Phone: 1490
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:40-12:30

Main Text:

Suplementary Texts:  


WEDNESDAY 8:40-10:30 SAZ-21
FRIDAY 10:40-12:30 SAZ-21

Topics to discuss:

Each student will choose an article from the following list and give a detailed presentation of it in class at the end of the semester and will circulate a written version of that talk incorporating all the comments and suggestions which arise during the presentation. The final grade will reflect the combined success of the talk and its written report.

Here is the list of suggested articles:


Caner Koca,
Title: On K3 surfaces with large Picard number,
Date: 10-12 November, 2004

Süleyman Tek,
Title: 2-Geometries and the Hamilton-Jacobi equation, (Garcia-Godines et al, J Math Phys, 45 (2004) 725-735.)
8-10 December, 2004

Sultan Erdoğan,
Every algebraic Kummer surface is the K3 cover of an Enriques surface
Date: 15-17 December, 2004

Mesut Şahin
Title: Which singular K3 surfaces cover an Enriques surface,
Date: 22-24 December, 2004

İnan Utku Türkmen, 
Title: Families of  K3 surfaces, (Mayer, Nagoya Math J, 48 (1972) 1-17.)

Date: 29-31 December, 2004

Actual material covered in the lectures:

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