Math 431 Algebraic Geometry

2007 Spring

Ali Sinan Sertöz
Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Room: SA-121
Office Hours: Monday 13:40-15:30 or by appointment

MONDAY 10:40-12:30 SAZ-20
THURSDAY 09:40-10:30 SAZ-20

Text Book: Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry, Miles Reid. London Mathematical Society Students Texts 12, Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Suplementary Textbook: Algebraic Geometry, Robin Hartshorne, Springer-Verlag, 1977 (Only the first chapter).



Grading and Exams:

Midterm 1 25%     around week 5      
Midterm 2 25%     around week 10      
Homework 25%          
Final 25%          

All homeworks and solutions will be announced here in Acrobat format (pdf) for which you need to download Acrobat Reader if that is not already installed on your machine.

Lecture Notes Last updated: 28 February 2007