Math 114 Multi Variable Calculus
Calculus for Mathematicians and Physicists
2008 Spring Semester

Ali Sinan Sertöz
Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Room: SA-121

Office Hours:
Wednesday 13:40-15:30

Assistant: Ali Adalı, Office: SA-144, Phone 290 2131, email:

Text Book:
Thomas' Calculus, Eleventh Edition, Weir, Hass, Giordano, Pearson Education Inc., 2005.
Calculus, Volume I, Second Edition
,  Tom M. Apostol, John Wiley and Sons, 1967.

MON 8:40-10:30 V02  
WED 10:40-12:30 V02  

Recitation Hour:
WED 15:40-16:30 TBA  
WED 16:40-17:30 TBA  




Subjects to be covered Chapter
1 11-13 Feb Sequences and series 11
2 18-20 Feb Improper integrals and the integral test 11
3 25-27 Feb Comparison, ratio and root tests 11
4 3-5 Mar Alternating series 11
5 10-12 Mar Power series Midterm 11
6 17-19 Mar Vectors in space, dot and cross products 12
7 24-26 Mar Vector valued functions 13
8 31 Mar-2 Apr Partial derivatives 14
9 7-9 Apr Chain rule, directional derivatives, tangent planes 14
10 14-16 Apr Min/Max problems  Midterm 14
11 21 Apr Multiple integrals and the Fubini Theorem 15
12 28-30 Apr Substitution in multiple integrals 15
13 5-7 May Line integrals, Green's theorem 16
14 12-14 May Surface integrals 16
15 20 May Stokes' theorem 16

Grading and Exams:
Homework problems will be assigned regularly.
You are encouraged to discuss solutions with your friends but you must write your homework yourself.
It is not acceptable to borrow your friend's written homework or for that matter to lend your written version.
Writing should be private.
However until that stage you may and in fact you should discuss solutions with your friends, and even with me.

Midterm 1 25%  12 March 2008 V02 Solutions
Midterm 2 25%  16 April 2008, 10:40-12:30 V02 Solutions
Final 30%  29 May 2008, 9:00 SAZ01, SAZ04,
Homeworks 20%      

Seating at the final exam:

Homework 1 Due date 27 February 2008. Solutions

Homework 2 Due date   7 May 2008. (solutions will be given on the recitation hour.)

Homework 3 Due date   14 May 2008. (solutions will be given on the recitation hour.)

All homeworks and solutions will be announced here (and on Moodle)  in Acrobat format (pdf) for which you need to download Acrobat Reader if that is not already installed on your machine.

For old exams and homeworks see my all courses page and check with Math 114 courses as well as with Math 102 courses.

For useful information about calculus, you may visit Okan Tekman's generic calculus page.

Please register with Moodle. Enrolment key can be obtained in class.