Math 206-03 Complex Calculus
2007 Spring

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Ali Sinan Sertöz
Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Room: SA-121
Office Hours: Monday 13:40-15:30 or by appointment

Ahmet Ermeydan
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Office: EA 401, Tel: +90 (312) 290 2610

TUE   8:40-10:30 BZ-05
THU 10:40-11:30 BZ-05

Text Book: Complex variables and applications, J. W. Brown and R. V. Churchill. Seventh edition, McGraw Hill, 2003.


Grading and Exams:

Midterm 1, (25%)
Midterm 2, (25%)
Final Exam, (30%)
Homework, (20%)

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