Math 101-Spring 2004
Section 02 Syllabus

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Instructor:  Ali Sinan Sertöz
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Room: SA-121, Phone: 1490
Office Hours: Wednesday 13:40-15:30

Assistant: Sevim Çiğdem, Office: SA-140,  Phone: 2103,  email: 

Text: Thomas' Calculus
           Finney, Weir, Giordano
           Addison Wesley Longman
           Updated tenth edition, 2003.


TUESDAY 10:40-12:30 SAZ-18 Section-02
WEDNESDAY 13:40-15:30 SA-121 Office Hour
THURSDAY 10:40-12:30 B-206 Section-02


Homework 15%   Solutions
Midterm-1        25% 27 March 2004 Saturday 10:00  SAZ-18    Solutions
Midterm-2 25% 1 May 2004 Saturday 10:00,  Solutions
Final 35%   28 May 2004 Friday 12:15, EB-103-104 Solutions
Makeup Exam   Medical report holders only.  


Homework-1  due 4 March 2004 Thursday class hour.   Solutions

Homework-2 due 11 March 2004 Thursday class hour.  Solutions
Solve the following exercises from the book: 
Page 157, Exercises 4, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Page 169, Exercises 1, 2, 3, 7, 9.

Homework-3  due 18 March 2004 Thursday class hour.    Solutions

Homework-4 due 13 April 2004 Tuesday class hour.     Solutions         
Solve the following exercises from the book:
Page 278, Exercises 26, 27.
Page 279, Exercises 32, 33.
Page 307, Exercise 44.

Homework-5 due 27 April 2004 Tuesday class hour.  Solutions
Solve the following exercises from the book:
Page 387, Exercises 59, 60, 66..
Page 392, Exercises 19, 20.

Homework-6 due 13 May 2004 Thursday class hour.  Solutions
Solve the following exercises from the book:
Page 564, Exercises 23, 26.
Page 601, Exercises 50, 52, 54.

Homework-7 due 18 May 2004 Tuesday class hour.  Solutions
Solve the following exercises from the book:
Page 602, Exercises 99,101.
Page 603, Exercises 1, 3, 9.

What to expect from  tutorials:

Consider this as a  private lecture from a fellow student. 
You can ask your questions informally and receive as detailed answers as you need, which is not always possible in regular class since certain amount of subject has to be covered in a certain time in class.
You can ask assistance from the tutor in solving your homework problems; the tutor will not solve your problems but will show you how to solve such problems.
You can also take your books and notes to the tutorial hour and do your own work there in a social atmosphere. 
Consider this as your time to study and as an opportunity to get organized.

The information for the tutorials of engineering students is available at

For science students the details are as follows:
Tutor is Emre Per
Time: Wednesdays 17:40-19:30
Place: SAZ-19
Starts on 3 March 2004 Wednesday.

Attendance will be closely monitored to measure the correlation between attendance and midterm grades. 

Please let me have your feedbacks on these tutorials. 

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