Math 102 Calculus II
Sections 01 and 02
Summer 2003

Quiz Grades

Instructor: Ali Sinan Sertöz
Office: Science Faculty Main Building SA-121
Phone: 290 1490
Office Hours: Thursday 13:40-15:30.
Assistants: Burcu Silindir  & Özden Yurtseven
Office of Assistants: Science Faculty Main Building SA-143, Phone: 290 2130

Course Text Book: Thomas/Finney, Calculus, 9th Edition, Addison Wesley, 1996.

Course Schedule:

Section 01
MONDAY 8:40-11:30 SAZ-04
WEDNESDAY 8:40-11:30 SAZ-04
FRIDAY 8:40-11:30 SAZ-04
Section 02
MONDAY 14:40-17:30 SAZ-04
WEDNESDAY 14:40-17:30 SAZ-04
FRIDAY 14:40-17:30 SAZ-04


Midterm I 25% June 21 Saturday 10:00
Midterm II 25% July 7 Monday 10:00
Quizzes 20%  
Final 30% July 25 Friday 10:00
Make up   July 28 Monday 10:00

There will be four scheduled quizzes, and some pop quizzes. Each student's lowest quiz grade will be excluded from that student's quiz average.
Dates of scheduled quizzes: 13 June Friday, 27 June Friday, 11 July Friday, 18 July Friday.
Both sections will take the same exams and will be graded together.
If you miss an exam, midterm or final, and if you have a medical report, then you take one make up exam regardless of which exam you missed.


Attendance will not be monitored but is strongly encouraged. See also the note above about quizzes.

--------------------Week 1: June 9-11-13
Chapter 7: Techniques of Integration
Sections 1-6

--------------------Week 2: June 16-18-20
Chapter 10: Vectors and Analytic Geometry in Space
Sections 1-5
Chapter 9: Polar Coordinates
Sections 6-7
--------------------Week 3: June 23-25-27
Chapter 12: Multivariable Functions
Sections 1-5

--------------------Week 4: June 30-July 2-4
Chapter 12: Multivariable Functions
Sections 6-9

--------------------Week 5: July 7-9-11
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Midterm Exam II- July 7 Monday 10:00
No class on Monday, just the exam!
Chapter 13: Multiple Integrals
Sections 1,3,7

--------------------Week 6: July 14-16-18
Chapter 8: Infinite Series
Sequences that arise frequently, p625
Series, pp631-632
n-th test for divergence, p635
Comparison test, p645
Limit comparison test, p647
Ratio test, p650
Root test, p653
Alternating series test, p655
Alternating series estimation theorem, p657
Sections 8,10,11

--------------------Week 7: July 21-23
Monday: Infinite Series-continued
Wednesday: Review

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Final Exam - July 25 Friday 10:00

Have a nice summer. See you sometime in the coming years.

Solutions of this year's quizzes and exams:
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Solutions of Math 102 Summer 2001:
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