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Academic Publications

  1. Alexander Degtyarev, Ilia Itenberg, Ali Sinan Sertöz: Lines on quartic surfaces,
    Mathematische Annalen (2016);  DOI: 10.1007/s00208-016-1484-0
    PDF File

  2. Ali Sinan Sertöz: Dirichlet problem for polynomials on the unit disk, 
    Communications of the Korean Mathematical Society, Vol. 29, No. 3, (2014), 415-420. 
    PDF File
  3. James D. Lewis & Ali Sinan Sertöz: Motives of some Fano Varieties,
    Mathematische Zeitschrift, Vol. 261, No. 3, (2009), 531-544.
    PDF File
  4. Caner Koca & Ali Sinan Sertöz: Irreducible Heegner Divisors in the Period Space of Enriques Surfaces,
    International Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 19, No. 2, (2008), 209-215.
    math.AG/0509687   PDF File
  5. Sertöz, A. S. : Which Singular K3 Surfaces Cover an Enriques Surface,
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 133 (2005), 43-50.
    MSC: 14J28
    MR: 2005m:14066
    PDF File    Türkçe Özet

  6. Sertöz, S. : Pieri-Type Intersection Formulas and Primary Obstructions for Decomposing 2-forms,
    Colloquium Mathematicum, 87 (2001), 201-210.
    MSC: 14M15
    MR: 2001m:14075
    DVI File PDF File

  7. Önsiper, H.; Sertöz, S. : Generalized Shioda-Inose Structures on K3 Surfaces
    Manuscripta Mathematica, 98 (1999), 491-495.
    MSC: 14J28 (14J50)
    MR: 2000b:14043
    DVI File PDF File

  8. Önsiper, H.; Sertöz, S. : On Generalized Shioda-Inose Structures
    Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 23 (1999), 575-578.
    To Professor Masatoshi Gündüz Ikeda with admiration
    MSC: 14J28 (14J50)
    MR: 2001f:14072
    DVI File PDF File

  9. Sertöz, S. : On the Number of Solutions of a Diophantine Equation of Frobenius,
    Discrete Mathematics and Applications, Vol 8, No 2, (1998), 153-162.
    MSC: 11D72 (11B75, 11D04)
    MR: 2000a:11049
    DVI File PDF File

  10. Arslan, F.; Sertöz, S. : Genus Calculations of Complete Intersections,
    Communications in Algebra, 26(8) (1998), 2463-2471.
    MSC: 14M10 (13C40)
    MR: 99c:14021
    DVI File PDF File

  11. Sertöz, S. : Local structure of holomorphic foliation singularities,
    Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 186 (1998), 149-165.
    MSC: 32L30
    MR: 99j:32036
    PostScript File PDF File

  12. Sertöz, S. : Arf Rings and Characters,
    Note di Matematica 14 (1994), 251-261 (1997).
    MSC: 14H20 (13H15)
    MR: 98d:14039
    DVI File PDF File

  13. Önsiper, H.; Sertöz, S. : On degenerations of fiber spaces of curves of genus >=2.
    Archiv der Mathematik (Basel)69 (1997), 350-352.
    MSC: 14D05 (14J29)
    MR: 99b:14008
    DVI File PDF File

  14. Algebraic Geometry, Proceedings of Bilkent Summer School,
    Edited by S. Sertöz, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1997.
    ISBN: 0-8247-0123-2
    MSC: 14-06
    MR: 98e:14001
    Table of Contents and ordering information

  15. Sertöz, S. : An overview of the search for minimal models of algebraic threefolds,
    Algebraic Geometry, Proceedings of Bilkent Summer School,
    Marcel Dekker, New York, 1997, 291-311.

    MSC: 14E30
    MR: 99j:14017
    DVI File PDF File

  16. Sertöz, S. : A triple intersection theorem for the varieties SO(n)/Pd.
    Fund. Math. 142 (1993), no. 3, 201--220.
    MSC: 14M15 (14M17 14N10)
    MR: 95a:14054
    DVI File PDF File

  17. Sertöz, S.; Özlük, A. : On the number of representations of an integer by a linear form.
    Istanbul Üniv. Fen Fak. Mat. Derg. 50 (1991), 67--77 (1993).
    MSC: 11D04 (11D85)
    MR: 95e:11035
    DVI File PDF File

  18. Sertöz, S. : On Arf Rings,
    Appendix in: The Collected Papers of Cahit Arf,
    Published by the Turkish Mathematical Society, (1990), 416--419.
    MSC: 14H20 (13H15)
    DVI File PDF File

  19. Sertöz, S. : Residues of singular holomorphic foliations.
    Compositio Math. 70 (1989), no. 3, 227--243.
    MSC: 32L05 (14F05 57R30)
    MR: 90h:32057
    DVI File PDF File

  20. Sertöz, S. : C*-actions on Grassmann bundles and the cycle at infinity.
    Math. Scand. 62 (1988), no. 1, 5--18.
    MSC: 32M15 (14C99 32J99 32M05 57R99)
    MR: 90f:32035
    DVI File PDF File

  21. Sertöz, S. : On Bott's vanishing theorem and applications to singular foliations.
    Doga Mat. 11 (1987), no. 1, 62--67.
    MSC: 57R20 (32L10 57R30)
    MR: 89a:57031
    DVI File PDF File

  22. Sertöz, S.; Özlük, Ali E. : On a Diophantine problem of Frobenius.
    Istanbul Tek. Üniv. Bül. 39 (1986), no. 1, 41--51.
    MSC: 11D04 (90C10)
    MR: 89g:11021
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Singular Holomorphic Foliations, 1984 University of British Columbia Dissertation.
Abstract (DVI)  (PDF file)
1998 Postscript (DVI)   (PDF file)
Table of Contents (DVI)  (PDF file)
Singular Holomorphic Foliations (DVI File), (PDF File)


by SERTOZ, ALI SINAN, Ph.D., The University of British Columbia (Canada), 1984; AAT NK66939

Abstract (Summary)

A generalized Nash Blow-up M' with respect to coherent subsheaves of locally free sheaves is defined for complex spaces. It is shown that M' is locally isomorphic to a monoidal transformation and hence is analytic. Examples of M' are given. Applications are given to Serre's extension problem and reductive group actions. A C('* )action on Grassmannians are defined, fixed point sets and Bialynicki-Birula decomposition is described. This action is generalized to Grassmann bundles. The Grassmann graph construction is defined for the analytic case and it is shown that for a compact Kaehler manifold the cycle at infinity is an analytic cycle. A calculation involving the localized classes of graph construction is given. Nash residue for singular holomorphic foliations is defined and it is shown that the residue of Baum-Bott and the Nash residue differ by a term that comes from the Grassmann graph construction of the singular foliation. As an application conclusions are drawn about the rationality conjecture of Baum-Bott. Pontryagin classes in the cohomology of the splitting manifold are given which obstruct an imbedding of a bundle into the tangent bundle.


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